Age=32, 1986, Japan

Dr. Taitaen Shin (213) 484-7111 Tuesday 2014 Mar 11 about 1400h

I got a call a little while about from my Doctor Taitean Shin about my MRI Scan that was done on a Tuesday, but they call on a Tuesday to remind me that I have my appointment about 3 40 pm tomorrow on a Wednesday!

I will now try to use the Insert Video that will really be the Audio from Google Voice!

Age=32, 1986, Japan

HOA Meeting 2014 01 Jan 23 4th Thursday 1 hour and 12 minutes

I am an Owner of a Home I Los Angeles, CA!   And I am no longer Amused by the Live Journal Website that I only paid $199 many years ago to have no advertisements or advertisement's for me so now I will change my Mood!  I am annoyed and I was ignored at the last Home Owner's Association.  That occurred on January the 23rd which was the fourth Thursdays or you could call it Thorsday named after the Norse God for Thunder!

I also have now Idea what is Wrong with Live Journal !

It will now let me paste common Text from my Note pad file!  I hope one day Live Journal will grow Up!

This is a video a video from one of my only AT&T Cell Phones that is called a "Samsung 4G Infuse" model and here is the URL or link to it:

where you can learn about this model of an Android Cell phone by AT&T!

I still cannot do a simple paste directly so I have to type I really do hope the Live Journal will some day Grow UP!

The format from my Cell phone is the MP4 format!

I use a Suite of programs from AVS4YOU  that I will provide the link later.  The video is converted to the WMV HD format  720 x 1280 pixel.
Here is the URL that you can learn about it.   I also use it to convert the AMR audio from the Voice Recorder to the MP3 format that I will be embedding a little bit later, but here is the link that will be an external link to AVS4YOU:

It finally worked but I had to use the HTML Editor and then go back to the Visual editor!  Now I will attempt to embed the audio source from a different website:  That will not open to a different website because I want to embed the media!  There is a link below but it might look invisible:

Age=32, 1986, Japan

Master Card and Real Player Networks Problem over the Christmas Holiday

I am supposed to get a 20 DIGIT CODE of LETTERS AND NUMBERS in FOUR groups seperated by HYPHENS!

On YOUR Website it LOOKS something LIKE THIS:  123AB-456CD-789EF-01234



I really do not like any version that has DOUBLE SETS OF ZEROES  Like you are using me to TEST YOUR SOFTWARE!




So GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! Real or I will give YOUR PRODUCT BAD REMARKS FROM me as the CEO of KCM Consulting:

KCM Consulting

From my Primary YouTube Site (it is listed as the THIRD URL DOWN FROM THE TOP:

And I used my KC Jenner MasterCard

And I am now copying this message to them!

Instead I will direct them to this page!

And this is THEIR email address!

I now have ZERO AS my Balance SO THE FRAUDULENT CHARGES of $1.00 plus $24.99 HAS NOW appeared on my Account and YOU NOW WANT about $44 dollars sometime in January And have recorded the Calls AND I may edit and uploaded to my KCinLA Live Journal DOT com Websites FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO HEAR what a wonderfully Company CitiCards MasterCards does for their CUSTOMERS!

And I am now copying this message to them!

And this is THEIR email address!

I now have ZERO AS my Balance SO THE FRAUDULENT CHARGES of $1.00 plus $24.99 HAS NOW appeared on my Account and YOU NOW WANT about $44 dollars sometime in January And have recorded the Calls AND I may edit and uploaded to my KCinLA Live Journal DOT com Websites FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO HEAR what a wonderfully Company CitiCards MasterCards does for their CUSTOMERS!

Age=32, 1986, Japan

Clogged Kitchen Sink - Seven Videos - 2012 May 12th - 18th

These are seven videos from about eight months ago. It started on a Saturday evening May 12th and continued for over one week. I was not resolved until Wednesday May 23rd of 2012 when I had an invitation to the Planetary Society in Pasadena.

In the Video Description of these videos you will find the URLs to the Planetary Society as well as how I converted these video from the MP4 format to the YouTube type for Upload.
Age=32, 1986, Japan

Personal property damages for dwellings in Los Angeles, CA

This is a playlist from YouTube.  Currently there are seven videos in this list.  I am going to be (in a way) doing a little experiment to see if when I add an eighth video that hopefully it will be automatically added without me having to come back to this.  But I will most likely add the 8th as a separate entry.  I will also be posting each of these 7 later, but for efficiency I think this is the quickest.

And besides, I love doing little experiments - - - just to see what happens.  While putting in one of my favorite albums of music I noticed that I had spelled the name of the album incorrectly.  LiveJournal faithfully pulled up my INCORRECT spelling.  I hope next time I will be able to select the correct name.  I am going to assume that the wrong spelling will be there as a selection, but that is another test that I will find out what happens.

The total duration for these seven videos is about 1 and 3/4 hours long.

This is the Title, URL and Description for the YouTube Playlist directly: 

Personal property damages for dwellings in Los Angeles, CA

Personal property damages for dwellings in Los Angeles, CA 90057 from upstairs people were water and other of my property are being ruined! I have personal photos, antique cameras. Music, computer, photography books and magazines as well an my wallet that is made of leather with the Air Force logo on it. WATER DAMAGES and Microwave Ovens!

Age=32, 1986, Japan

The World's Hardest Game or TWHG

I found this from a suggested video from my YouTube Channel.  I have seen other videos on YouTube with this game and music playing, but this last video had the URL plus an embed code for a LARGER VERSION as a POPUP. I hope there are not to many ADVERTISEMENTS when I allow POP-ups to occur.  HOWEVER I AM now editing this to say that there it DOES NOT popup at all.  So I guess you do not have to worry about whatever your popup blocking settings are.

The World's Hardest Game:

This is The World's Hardest Game! Work your way through 30 incredibly hard levels, and if you can finish all of them you can compete for a spot on the world leader board! Also, if you think this game is hard, check out The World's Hardest Game 2!
This game got millions of hits and helped me start making games full-time. Sponsored by Armor Games.
TWHG Also won the main category of the Addicting Games Showdown, "Most Addicting Game" in 2009.

And here's the EMBED CODE (for which the dimensions are 550 by 400) :

And here's the EMBED CODE (That I have modified to be these dimensions are 825 by 600) :
[This is kind of an experiment to see if my edit will really work.. I am not sure, but that is how I learn.. by making mistakes, but sometimes they do work.  We or I shall see....]

Age=32, 1986, Japan

VA Travel Pay Mileage Reimbursement is a bad joke.

VA Travel Pay Mileage Reimbursement is a really bad joke!

VA Travel Pay Mileage Reimbursement is 22 miles at $0.415/mile = $9.13 minus $6 deductible = $3.13

The deductible of $6 dollars is because I get $2769 from the VA as a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran.  But they don't know that this 65.71741511500548 percentage cut in my Travel Pay (rounded to 66%) is terribly unfair...  In the early part of the year they tried to use the excuse that it was because I was getting it to the nearest VA facility.

As of June 2012, my Home Owner's Association DUES went up by 20% and in dollar amount that was an increase of $56 dollars.  It was $280 for Dec 2011 to May 2012 since I have been living here.  And that is only SIX months.  Now I have to pay $336 in Dues.   I pay a Mortgage Loan of about $890 per month and also am paying since January 3rd 2012 a reverse mortgage loan of $1000 from a from a friend for the down payment.

So 1000 + 890 = 1,890 + 336 = 2226

I also have a Santa Monica Mini Storage Facility where I have to rooms that went up by 20% in June 2012 as well.  So it is is now that rental facility is $491 per month.

So $2,226 + $491 = $2,717 and I also have to eat as well.

Santa Monica Mini Storage
1620 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404-3702


And here is one of the images that were FOUR that I Signed AND they ARE SO CHEAP they would not make a copy of it so I used my Cell Phone from AT&T to make a photo of each of the four they had me sign yesterday.  When I showed up for my Dental appointment, but when I got there the Dentist had rescheduled HIS appointments.  They call me on FRIDAY at 3 PM or 1500 hours for my appointment on a Tuesday at 1 PM or 1300 hours.

And they did not call me to say it was cancelled.  I show up and they say it has been cancelled by the Dentist.  They then tell me I have to call them to make an appointment when I get home.  So I called when I got back then I got three calls today.  On the Tuesday evening they said they would call between 9AM and Noon.  I called them at 11:58 AM telling them I needed to throw out the trash.  When I got back they had left a message for the appointment, but it conflicted with another appointment.

So I called and some lady made an appointment that would not conflict.  And I did not leave, but a man from the VA called again and said I needed to call back.  When I did it appears that other appointment was not possible so finally I got my new appointment for Oct 4, 2012 a Tuesday at 1 pm or 1300 hours.

This image is from my SkyDrive from Microsoft.

I later Edited this image with a free program called IrfanView:

One of the most popular viewers worldwide!

Current version is 4.33

This image is from one I have uploaded to my LiveJournal Scrapbook it is about the appointment regarding getting a refill about my back pain medication on August 7, 2012 at 1 PM or as you can see 13:07 in room 1410 (I think is was) at Building 500.

VA Travel Pay Cell Phone Photo from Aug 28, 2012