KCinLA (kc_in_la) wrote,

KC Plays Music on the Piano for YouTube

These are three tunes that I played on the piano many years ago. This video is also an example of how the AVS Video Converter (version 6.2) can be used for many different effects. The main purpose from this edit was to remove some noise that was on the original video that I got from my mother that appeared about 1:32 into this video. The audio was also very low so I used the boost feature from the editor. Then I played with many video effects for the second two pieces.

The first song I assisted with the writing of it and was actually the one that gave it a title. It is called JVB which is the initials of a classmate from high school - Janet Van Budke. The second song I wrote for one of my piano students as a Birthday gift; the title her first name "Cheyl" and the last piece is my arrangement of "The Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet" that was popular in the early nineteen seventies.

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