KCinLA (kc_in_la) wrote,

COMIC CON 2008: Wil Wheaton talks internet culture

I had a friend that recently was interested in making some ebooks. Wil Wheaton speaks briefly about that in this video.

He also gives good advice on how to start a blog.

I started this blog here at LiveJournal because it was the first system I chose at YouTube to link to for blogs. They only had a few at the time. I didn't know much about the ones they offered and that included LiveJournal, but it seemed to me that I had somewhere seen or heard of LiveJournal before so I signed up. At that time I only had a free account that was limited.

It seemed that there were many other places that were free too and seemed to offer more. Well, actually let me rephrase that. I feel sometimes intimidated by systems that 'tease' me with a FREE offer. And even 'annoyed' when they're always 'taunting' me to upgrade.

When I saw the offer at the end of last year to get a permanent paid account here I went for it even though I still did not know much of how it worked. Overall I am very happy with this system - even though I haven't had any comments or made any real connections with anybody here. But I know if I tried to be more active here, then it would be a different story. However, I have "too many pots on the stove" -- meaning I've spread myself a bit thin by involving myself with multiple blogging systems and social networks.

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