KCinLA (kc_in_la) wrote,

Canada Cures Cancer!.., but no one cares.

And what she IS NOT (cannot) say is that it would kill the profits from the Big Pharmaceutical Companies current offerings to cure diseases.

Thinking about this further and listening to her again I find her replies to questions PRE-PROGRAMMED. I'm not faulting her really. It seems from the data given in this video that much of the required testing has already been done so it would not be that expensive.

It may be more desirable to be an exclusive supplier or manufacturer but that does not mean that it cannot be part of a product line. All kinds of things are made and sold which don't have exclusive rights are require licensing. Plus is that not a slap-in-the-face for capitalism tenet of a free market where there is competition?

This video appeared was uploaded on July 11, 2009 and the users has not given any other information. I really have no idea how old this broadcast is. The users has tagged the video in an overloading manner such that all related videos are from their channel - personally I don't like that.

At a time now when the United States is focusing on Health Care this video is really one of the things that makes me disgusted with the whole debate on whether its socialized medicine or the capitalistic free market approach. They both claim money is a big issue but I have not heard what they intend to do about this which I believe is at the heart of the problem regarding costs.
Tags: cancer, capitalism, cure, health care, patents

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