KCinLA (kc_in_la) wrote,

How to Make Thumbnails for Videos Imported to a PSP

I use FLV Player from martijndevisser.com and image viewer from IrfanView to make thumbnail picture files for videos that I load into my Sony PSP handheld game console/media player both of which are FREE for non-commercial use. Martijn's FLV Player has keyboard shortcuts that use the TAB KEY to hide/show all interface elements (which leaves only the video screen visible) and the SPACE BAR to toggle play/pause like QuickTime does. Stopping the video at the place that I want to use as the thumbnail graphic for the PSP with the SPACE BAR I then use the TAB KEY leave only the video screen visible.

Next I use IrfanView to capture the video screen (c IrfanView keyboard shortcut command), then resize (CTL+R IrfanView keyboard shortcut command - OR C {custom selection} with CTL+Y to crop) it to either 120x90 (STD) or 160x90 (WIDE) pixels and the save it as a JPG (JPEG) file. The final operation is done with Windows Explorer where I rename (F2 function key) the extension from JPG to THM, even through Windows OS "protests" with a warning beep and message. The regular part of the file name must match the file name of the MP4 video that this thumbnail is associated with and goes in the same folder with the MP4 video on the PSP.

And another big favorite of mine for FREE quality software is DVDVideoSoft that has 23 tools for video/audio editing/downloading that also has DVD/CD burning/ripping capabilites.
Tags: flv player, irfanview, martijndevisser, psp, psp thumbnails, video editing, video imports

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