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Early Works of KCinLA (aka KaCey Jay) Uploaded to Scribd

I went to the Scribd web site and for the first time (that I can remember) they ask me to contribute. While I was inputting some early works of mine I accidentally selected "Post to LiveJournal, so I thought I'll just publish the information at both places.


If, within the time that we named ours,
there comes a moment that calls upon us
to see what we have made of ourselves.

We should not ignore it's revelation.

For as in the breaking of a mirror
which does not alter the image itself,
but only ceases to cast the true reflections.


Walking down the road and I came upon
people who were singing a sad, sad song.
They cried out to me,
"Why are you so happy?
Life is full of misery, sorrow and despair.
You must be a fool to not care."

To these people I replied with
something that I learned when I almost died,
"Life is oh so short, live it while you can.
People in this world don't seem to understand.
Problems are not caused by outside things alone.
Life is what you make it - all your own!"

KaCey Jay (1970)


Title - Early Works of KCinLA (aka KaCey Jay)
Category - Creative Writing
Sub-category - Poetry

The first piece is a poem about honest, self examination that came out of me from nowhere in 1970 (I think). I was actually starting to write down the goals for a music theory class and it just came out all at once.

The second piece is from the words to a song that I wrote early one morning after I had attended a Pete Seeger concert in Modesto, California the night before. Again, it all came out very fast. I finished the words and guitar chords in less than 30 minutes.

KaCey Jay was the pen name I used when these two (and some other poems) were published in the Davis High School literary publication (I think in 1971 or 1972).
Tags: kacey jay, kcinla, pete seeger, poety, scribd website, song lyrics

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