KCinLA (kc_in_la) wrote,

Percy Schmeiser - David versus Monsanto

This information I obtained from:

David versus Monsanto.

a film by Bertram Verhaag

A David versus Goliath story wherein Monsanto terrorizes innocent family farmers, and one Canadian farmer, Percy Schmeiser (and some others), stand up to Monsanto (and still lost $400,000 in court costs, plus his seeds, crop and his entire business!)

Thousands of farmers face this kind of corporate terrorism.

Monsanto is even trying to contaminate the gene-pool with their genetically modified organisms (GMOs) so they can control access to all seeds!

Monsanto is also involved in many efforts of bio-piracy and trying to patent genetic lines that have been developed over thousands of years.

Tags: farmers, food, geneticallly modified organisms, gmo, monsanto, percy schmeiser

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