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FTC via YouTube - Complying with Do Not Call

For a long time I have had an unlisted telephone number and registered with the FTC's 'Do Not Call List' and when I was forced to move (because LAX wanted the property I was living on) and when I got a new telephone number I registered it and also am paying the monthly extra fee to the phone computer to have it unlisted.

But this new telephone number for me had belonged to a business and so I received some calls in the beginning, but they tapered off in frequency. However, lately, I have been getting more calls to that company and also other calls but looking for me.

This is a video from the official US government YouTube channel.

Complying with Do Not Call

FTCvideos | October 20, 2010
If you market your products or services by phone -- or if someone has hired you to handle their telemarketing for them -- it's a good idea to know about the Do Not Call provisions of the Telemarketing Sales Rule and how to comply.


do not call registry comply business

[I don't know whose at fault - YouTube or LiveJournal - But embedding videos is getting to be a pain in the rear. The above code does not look right in preview mode. So I'll try this also.]

[It still does not look right in preview mode, but at least the right side is not cropped.]

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