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KC Continues - Inspecting New Logitech Ability

KC Continues - Inspecting New Logitech Ability

I created this video using my (New to me) Logitech webcam software (but uses same Webcam as before - from 2007). Kudos to Logitech cause I did not even need the Original CD that came with the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks. I have used Logitech for many of my computer hardware needs. I had my first Webcam show in 1999. - That is how far back I go with it, I still have that WebCam around here somewhere...

That's is all for now - the sun is up and it is bright outside and soon I won't be able to see my computer screen...

But I'll be back :)
I remember seeing the movie "The Terminator" and I immediately recognized the location that the shoot for the initial scene was made. (Just a little Trivia for those how like that stuff.)
Hint: This trivia is educational or I really should say that the location is great for educating others.

Tags: kcjenner1 kacey jay amateur musician gui

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