August 23rd, 2009

Age=32, 1986, Japan

English with Eric in an Entertaining Way

Date of this video is August 21, 2009.

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His information in the videos description:
Introductory video of a series of videos called English with Eric, to help people with their reading, spelling and pronunciation of English.

Text from part of a comment that he left recently:
The videos when I do them, are not meant to teach English from scratch, they are meant to help people with their English in hopefully an entertaining way. To learn English from scratch I would advise that people go to an English language teacher.

Age=32, 1986, Japan

I Need You To Turn To - Elton John Song I Transcribed by Ear

I have an account with and this is a test to see how well their embed code works. 

The first song on this list is called I Need You To Turn To by Elton John.  A friend of mine in High School, Ann D. had asked me to transcribe it for her.  This was in the early 1970's; maybe 1971 when Your Song was more popular, but she had the Album.  I was teaching her a chord style of piano playing that I had learned since seventh grade.  She also knew that I could play by ear and so gave me her album to listen to.  After awhile I gave her my transcription of it which was mainly the melody note and chords.  Much later I found a book in our local music store that had the songs from his first two or three albums.  I was a bit surprised that I actually transcribed in the exact key and the chords I choose matched perfectly.