November 29th, 2009

Age=32, 1986, Japan

Seriously Funny but was Strangely Familiar

Dr. Strangelove - A B&W 1964 Movie with Peter Sellers by Stanley KubricK A black comedy about the cold war by Kubrick. Starring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott also Slim Pickins Based on the novel "Red Alert" by Peter George Adapted and Directed by Stanley Kubrick This is a Custom Player that I made at YouTube. All eleven of the YouTube video clips that comprise this collection are contained in this custom player and each clip is automatically selected in the proper sequence (as long as I did not screw anything up along the way... :p )
The first clip showing the credits has a military plane being refueled in mid-air (Clip 1 - 01:30).  The music intentionally gives in an erotic feeling.  It has been indicated by others the Stanley Kubrick meant to convey the idea that the planes were "making love" and for some reason, just now, I thought of the life-cycle for a dragonfly. which culminates in a - flying fu## *.  (That thought connected with Kevin Costner's movie called Dragonfly, but I'll save that for later.)

* {I wonder it that is where the expression: I don't give a flying fu## about ... }
Age=32, 1986, Japan

*Quantum Physics* Welcome To The Matrix

*Quantum Physics* Welcome To The Matrix

October 03, 2008

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At ~00m43s to ~02m13s
also at ~02m30s to ~04m00s
also at ~04m17s to ~05m48s
also at ~06m04s to ~07m34s
also at ~07m51s to ~09m22s
also at ~09m38s to ~10m09s

low freq tones seem to be put on an audio track of this video