December 22nd, 2009

Age=32, 1986, Japan

The Secret History of The World - Translated Subtitles

This video uses captions (subtitles) that translate also! But you have to select which language you want from the ARROW SYMBOL (triangle shape) next to the CC button at the lower, right of the video player.

YouTube recently (Dec 19,2009) came out with a few new features for making captions easier to implement. The one I will hopefully be trying out soon is the "Auto-Timing" in which all I need to do is submit a text file of what is being said in my video and YouTube will synchronize the placement of the captions with the audio automatically.

My notes on this video as as obtained from YouTube's web site:

11:28 AM 12/22/2009

The Secret History of The World

January 07, 2009

from the book:
Jonathan Black
...Alexander the great or Napoleon were vehicles for a great spirit.. No one could oppose them and they succeeded in everything they did - until the spirit left them. Then quite suddenly everything began to go wrong.
Socrates sometimes spoke of his deamon, meaning a good spirit who guided him through life.
Goethe said of him (Napoleon): 'The daemon ought to lead us every day and tell us what we ought to do on every occasion."

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