January 23rd, 2014

Age=32, 1986, Japan

HOA Meeting 2014 01 Jan 23 4th Thursday 1 hour and 12 minutes

I am an Owner of a Home I Los Angeles, CA!   And I am no longer Amused by the Live Journal Website that I only paid $199 many years ago to have no advertisements or advertisement's for me so now I will change my Mood!  I am annoyed and I was ignored at the last Home Owner's Association.  That occurred on January the 23rd which was the fourth Thursdays or you could call it Thorsday named after the Norse God for Thunder!

I also have now Idea what is Wrong with Live Journal !

It will now let me paste common Text from my Note pad file!  I hope one day Live Journal will grow Up!

This is a video a video from one of my only AT&T Cell Phones that is called a "Samsung 4G Infuse" model and here is the URL or link to it:


where you can learn about this model of an Android Cell phone by AT&T!

I still cannot do a simple paste directly so I have to type I really do hope the Live Journal will some day Grow UP!

The format from my Cell phone is the MP4 format!

I use a Suite of programs from AVS4YOU  that I will provide the link later.  The video is converted to the WMV HD format  720 x 1280 pixel.
Here is the URL that you can learn about it.   I also use it to convert the AMR audio from the Voice Recorder to the MP3 format that I will be embedding a little bit later, but here is the link that will be an external link to AVS4YOU:


It finally worked but I had to use the HTML Editor and then go back to the Visual editor!  Now I will attempt to embed the audio source from a different website:  That will not open to a different website because I want to embed the media!  There is a link below but it might look invisible: