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Death of a Hero - Original Piano Solo composition by Gene Emerson

This is a video that was shared with me on YouTube from a Group called "Composers Without Borders" today.

Death of a Hero - Original Piano Solo composition by Gene Emerson

She presently has 27 videos and is 14 years old living in Canada.

This is from her description of that she uploaded on January the 1st of 2012.

"Please know that, this piece for me is extremely emotional and touching. 'Death of A Hero' is my ultimate expression of hope, optimism and a promise, a promise against prevalent agonizing pain and sorrow, -despite of so many wars, injustices, suffering, death, hunger, starvation, destructions, misery, economic and social deprivations in our world today- the future is very bright. The humanity will prevail ! And one day, humanity will eventually find its way to peace, justice, freedom, harmony, brotherhood, and happiness. I want with deep sense of empathy convey this message through my composition. Gene

Death of A Hero
Oh fallen Hero,
brave and strong
defying to the end
you succumbed
to death....
how agonizing?
Oh great Hero,
rest in peace,
you'll never die
and your legend
is immortal!
Oh brave Hero,
rest in peace,
as thousands
follow your path,
as your death,
is a beginning,
an onrush
and not an end!"

Tags: canadian, composer, music, piano

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