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The Fukushima Syndrome - Japan

The Fukushima Syndrome - Japan

Uploaded by journeymanpictures on Sep 23, 2011

Only 1 Japanese reactor now running out of 54.

Japan has always been energy hungry and addicted to nuclear power. Yet the tsunami washed away old certainties and the industry has seen a growing ground-level resistance and concern about its safety.

"The safety myth about nuclear power has been sunk deeply into people's hearts. But that lie has been exposed", says anti-nuclear activist, Hitomi Kamanaka. The Fukushima disaster is believed to have released as much radiation as 200 Hiroshima bombs. "There's been a lot of cover up over this". Across Japan communities are fighting to stop the construction of new power plants. Yet can the world's third biggest consumer of electricity live without them?

A Film By ABC Australia
Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
October 2011

Here are three links from the NPR website as an Update to my entry:

After Fukushima: A Changing Climate For Nuclear - by Christopher Joyce



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