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Personal property damages for dwellings in Los Angeles, CA

This is a playlist from YouTube.  Currently there are seven videos in this list.  I am going to be (in a way) doing a little experiment to see if when I add an eighth video that hopefully it will be automatically added without me having to come back to this.  But I will most likely add the 8th as a separate entry.  I will also be posting each of these 7 later, but for efficiency I think this is the quickest.

And besides, I love doing little experiments - - - just to see what happens.  While putting in one of my favorite albums of music I noticed that I had spelled the name of the album incorrectly.  LiveJournal faithfully pulled up my INCORRECT spelling.  I hope next time I will be able to select the correct name.  I am going to assume that the wrong spelling will be there as a selection, but that is another test that I will find out what happens.

The total duration for these seven videos is about 1 and 3/4 hours long.

This is the Title, URL and Description for the YouTube Playlist directly: 

Personal property damages for dwellings in Los Angeles, CA

Personal property damages for dwellings in Los Angeles, CA 90057 from upstairs people were water and other of my property are being ruined! I have personal photos, antique cameras. Music, computer, photography books and magazines as well an my wallet that is made of leather with the Air Force logo on it. WATER DAMAGES and Microwave Ovens!

Tags: antique cameras, books, hoa, home owners, insurance, magazines, personal photos, property damages, renters, water leaks

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