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Reporters threatened with arrest for filming private Federal Reserve building

Alex Jones is quite a character and sometimes I think he over does it, but this seems to be an incident which cases me a bit of concern.

The following is the text that was provided along with this video:


Reporters from INFOWARS.COM were harrassed and threatened with arrest in downtown Kansas City, Missouri after filming the local branch of the private Federal Reserve building. Security guards working for the bank approached the reporters at a city park that houses the National WWI memorial and demanded that they provide their names and disclose why they were filming the building.

After Aaron Dykes refused to provide his full name, he was told to leave public property immediately or face arrest because the bank was concerned about what he was filming-- despite the fact that the female security guard repeatedly admitted he had done nothing wrong.

In the face of Free Speech under the First Amendment, as well as common sense, the other reporter, Rob Jacobson was also told to leave despite complying with the request to provide his name. "Officer Booth", the female private security guard for the Federal Reserve, dared to pronounce that he was "guilty by association." When this reason was challenged, the stupified "Officer Collins" told reporters that they were not to ask anymore questions and should in fact leave immediately.

What jurisdiction they had-- if any-- is unclear, as the cameramen were approached on city property.

The Federal Reserve-- who have branches at some 38 locations across the country-- have repeatedly trampled on the rights of free speech and attempted to challenge anyone daring to film their building. It is clear they regard any press as a threat.

It happened to an unaffiliated cameraman outside the Washington D.C. location who was told no filming of any 'federal' buildings was allowed under any circumstances unless special clearance was given by the Fed's press office.

We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowski was also challenged by a security officer outside of the Federal Reserve's New York location who demanded to see what had been filmed under threat of arrest (as documented in his activist film 'Dedicated' http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc...

Shockingly, it has also been revealed that military intelligence spied on peaceful demonstrators who met simultaneously at "End the Fed" rallies across the country, including Alex Jones & Wayne Paul, brother of Congressman Ron Paul.

The stifling of free speech and the attempt to intimidate reporters and legitimate protesters is despicable.

The outrage over the privately owned bank has grown as more & more members of the public have realized that this entity-- which has been given the power to print our money-- is not a part of the U.S. government but a deception organization hiding behind the name "Federal."

Rep. Ron Paul, among others, has led the effort to audit this unaccountable bank and end its ability to inflate the money supply, and ultimately to target its value. Its chairman Ben Bernanke has refused to tell Congress who it has lent money to, and in what amount-- despite its relevance to dealing with the current financial crisis.

The compounding acts of secrecy-- at the ground level and in the halls of the U.S. government-- should sound alarm bells for the sleeping American people that this bank must no longer control the economic policies of this nation.

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