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My Mind on Money

I was recently remembering when one of my peers asked me these sorts of questions:

Where does money come from?
What is money?

[Reflects on Castle AFB Motivation Course that I volunteered for.]

Audio tape on how money "grows."
Building a House for someone and getting paid.

  1. House builder applies work to make house that has $$$ value. 
  2. Builder gets Paid $$$.
  3. Both systems exist like a doubling effect.

I REMEMBER HEARING: War is good business.  ...  War is big business.  ...  War is good for the economy.

I've it said that, "the Federal Reserve prints money whenever they want," but they probably do it in such a way that it looks necessary.  Therefore, if the United States were to be involved in a war this would allow the increase in spending that seems justifiable.

Iraq war... Print money...

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