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"Keep Cool", is what KC recommends
Male/Female & Symbolic Dualism 2 of 3

The following is the information given by the original uploader (http://www.youtube.com/LatinoParaSiempre) of this video:

"Samsara or saṃsāra (Sanskrit: संसार) is the cycle of reincarnation or rebirth in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and other related religions.

According to these religions, one's karmic "account balance" at the time of death is inherited via the state at which a person is reborn. During the course of each worldly life actions committed (for good or ill) determine the future destiny of each being in the process of becoming (evolution or devolution). In Buddhism, at death the underlying volitional impulses (Saṅkhāras) thus accrued and developed are carried and transmitted in a consciousness structure popularly known as the soul which, after an intermediate period (in Tibetan called the bardo), forms the basis for a new biological structure that will result in rebirth and a new life. This process is considered to go on until the person achieves moksha."

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