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YOUTUBE - FUBAR - BIGTIME! (Phasing YOU out of YouTube)

I agree with 80 per cent of what is in the video and possbibly even more. I have noticed that the ratings of videos does not so up very much at all! I was recently reading an article about Web 2.0 that was speaking of some of the negatives with YouTube, but that was dated about a year ago.

What this has to do with is a way (IMHO) of [trying] to control the Internet. Currently these are some of the statistics for this video:
5,275 ratings (5 stars)
Favorited: 1,945 times
Honors for this video (0)

Sites linking to this video (5)
Clicks URL
703 http://prawda2.info/viewtopic.php?t=6997
83 http://www.xdtalk.com/forums/xdtalk-chatter-box/115163-youtube-censoring-all-us.html
72 http://community.tacky.no/forums/t/3400.aspx
47 http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread455729/pg1
36 http://in.search.yahoo.com/search?p=youtube&ygmasrchbtn=web+search&fr=ush1-mail

The following is the information that is contained in this videos description at YouTube (note: the info regarding Buzz may have been corrupted and since I'm not familiar with that system I don't know how to correct is):


April 16, 2009


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* Remember to rate, fave and comment on this vid.

* Click on SEND VIDEO (below the video) and send to all of your contacts on YouTube.

* Re-post this video on your channel. To do this, copy the URL for this video and then go to http://keepvid.com and paste the URL into the box on that page. Then click the DOWNLOAD button. Two links will then appear below - right-click the 2nd link and choose SAVE TARGET AS. Once the video file has downloaded, go to your YouTube account and upload it to your channel.

* Post the video on your MySpace page and any forums that you visit on the web.
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Here is a link to the online petition:

If you want to help support this video, please re-upload this video to your page. Then post it to this video as a response. We need it to go viral! Also make sure to rate and comment those videos as well. If you want to keep the YOU in youtube, we need to speak up NOW!

If you also want to show your support, place one of the images on the site below as your background on your youtube page:

Also Spread the word to your friends and ask them to do the same.

Mirror 1: http://tinyurl.com/hulutube1

Mirror 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?intu2zijjzx



1:14dd5266c70789bdc806364df4586335:26864523dec7fdf407072f1b63c14a7b?usc=1" target="_blank" title="http://buzz.yahoo.com/article/1:14dd5266c70789bdc806364df4586335:26864523dec7fdf407072f1b63c14a7b?usc=1" rel="nofollow" dir="ltr">http://buzz.yahoo.com/article/1:14dd5...

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Have you seen Google's new channel layout? This is just beyond sad. We didn't choose this. What's going on Google? Why don't you listen to us users? We are the ones who made YouTube popular and you came along and systematically took away everything that was good about YouTube. And you're replacing it with crap that no one asked for and no one wants. Can't you see that?
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Tags: hulu tube phasing you out of youtube google cia front censorship censor view count disney viacom UMG alex jones WMG music new world order illuminati bush obama brown

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